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What does the tapping screw go in with

One, self-tapping screw with what to hit in

Gas group, screwdriver, in gun drill, electric hammer, generally in concrete will need to use electric hammer, label above the C10 concrete walls is not common nail nails, if the request is not high bearing capacity can be used directly cement steel nails, if high load-bearing requirements, need to use expansion screws, ordinary plastic expansion tubes with self tapping screw fixed models, Because the hardness of the self-tapping screw is relatively high, there is a certain toughness, so it has reached the effect of soft and dry outside, it is also a big highlight, but if the surface hardness is relatively low, it can not squeeze into the wall inside.

Two, what is self-tapping screw
1, self-tapping screw is a kind of screw, with a bit through a dedicated electric tool construction, drilling, tapping, fixed, a complete lock, self tapping screw sheet is mainly used in some parts of connection and fixed, color such as color steel plate and steel connections, choi steel purlin, and wall beam connections, etc., its penetration is generally not more than 6 mm, * no more than 12 mm.
2. Self-tapping screws are often exposed to the outdoors and have strong corrosion resistance. It can protect the screws from water seepage and has good corrosion resistance on the rubber sealing ring. Self-tapping screws are generally described by screw diameter series, thread number per inch length and screw length.
3. There are 10 and 12 screw diameter classes, corresponding to 4.87mm and 5.43mm screw diameters, respectively. There are 14,16,24 screw threads per inch length, the more screw threads per inch length, the more self-drilling ability.
4, drill hole is without tapping hole, using different screws and general, head is sharp, tooth pitch is bigger, and a chipless silk attack is a bit like, you can not tapping screw directly into, metal and plastic usually using this method, it can be on the consolidation of the material, by its own thread, body will be consolidation "attack - drill, squeeze, press" the corresponding thread, Make them work closely together.
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