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What is the difference between fiberboard nails and drywall nails?

Fiberboard screws, short for fiberboard screws, are heat-treated process products that are ideal for power tool installation. The connection and fastening between wood plates and between thin steel plates and wood plates play an important role. Its appearance to a large extent can be replaced by ordinary wood screws, ordinary wood screws are not required to undergo heat treatment process. Today Xiaobian will introduce some knowledge of fiberboard nails to you. The first is the application scope of fiberboard nails: fiberboard nails are widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry. It is a kind of product similar to drywall nails, and its sales volume is relatively large. In the building materials market, domestic consumers are more in favor of it, in the installation of guide rail, hinge, with fish expansion installation and wood screw installation to make furniture and other aspects of its application is more. Among them, the best manufacturer of fiberboard nails is Shanghai Hangtou Standard Parts Production Co., LTD. The fiberboard nails produced by this company are worthy of selection in terms of quality and price. After the transformation of ordinary fiberboard screws, they will become claw and tail cutting fiberboard screws, mainly in the design of the thread transformation, so that the problem of cracking caused by the use of hard wood can be solved, and its technical content is relatively high. Second, what are the differences between drywall screws and fiberboard screws? First FROM their DIAMEters, FIBERBOARD nails INCLUDE 3 MM, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 6 MM SIX specifications, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 MM, 4 MM, 5 mm, 6 MM is the most common. The diameter of the dry wall screw is not so many specifications, only 3.5 mm this kind. Both drywall screws and fiberboard screws come in countersunk, semi-countersunk, or rounded heads. The grooves for drywall screws are deeper and more attractive. It is usually half-tooth, while fiberboard screws are generally full-tooth. The biggest feature of the dry wall screw in the appearance is the shape design of the horn head. If it is divided according to the thread, it can also be divided into two kinds of single thread thick tooth dry wall screw and double thread fine tooth dry wall screw. The third is the manufacturers and prices of fiberboard nails:
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