Hardwood/Deck Screws

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  • Decking screw is a kind of chipboard screw. Normally in Australia, New Zealand, America, England and other some countries will prefer use this kind of screw. Its head normally is flat, but some clients will choose to do bugle head based on requirement. The drive is not common philips or pozi drive, it is square or torx drive. There are two materials can be selected, one is carbon steel, another is stainless steel. We produce both kinds of decking screw. The point can do Type-17 Cutting and also can add Nibs under Head. Newscrew can offer sample of decking screw if clients need. Also we can support Trial order in the beginning.

    Hardwood Screws with ribs Points type 17
    material stainless steel AISI410 hardened, double passivated bright
    sizes from m4-4.5-m5

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